Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a printing process which uses a special gel ink and some form of polyester surface to bond the ink to.  Heating the ink up to high temperatures turns it into a gas which in turn bonds with the polyester surface.  Extremely durable prints is the result because of this permanent bond between the ink and the polyester surface.  Unlike other printing processes these inks will not wash off unless scratched off by force.  Colours and finishes greatly depend on the item, but are mostly of superior quality.  Sublimation printing is more common on our printed gifts but is also available on a limited range of printed t-shirts.


  • Ink doesn’t wash off
  • Excellent glossy finish (where applicable)
  • Brilliant colours


  • Requires a special polyester coating and sublimation ink meaning the items are more expensive than mass production retail store items

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More information can be found on Wikipedia.